Easy Things for Kids To Draw

Easy Things for Kids To Draw

Easy Things for Kids To Draw

Kids love to draw and to be artistic. Busting out a case of colored pencils and crayons always puts a smile on the faces of just about any kid. Drawing is a lot of fun; kids get to be colorful, creative, and much more. It’s one of the best things kids can do. That said, as you probably know, drawing can be quite hard, especially complex objects, but this should not deter kids from picking up some pencils. There are some really easy things for kids to draw, and we will go over them. 

1. A House

What could be simpler than drawing a house? This seems like a good starting point for kids. After all, to draw a house, a kid just needs to make a square, draw a triangle for a roof, and then add some windows and doors. It really doesn’t get much easier than that, and it involves a few basic shapes that your kids can master. As they get better, they can then make the house more complex, with a chimney, some shingles on the roof, a nice paintjob, and whatever else a house needs. 

2. Simple Landscapes

Simple landscapes are also easy things which kids should be able to draw. No, here we don’t expect a professional landscape painting that features singular blades of grass and realistic reflections, or anything else of the sort. Kids can start by drawing green grass, a couple of trees, and maybe some water. It obviously won’t look like a real landscape, but it can be fun to draw, and it might help familiarizer your child with nature as well. 

3. Easy Animals

Kids tend to really love animals, and for good reason, because animals are awesome, and there are so many of them to draw. To start off, your kid could start with simple animals, like a basic fish, a butterfly, and maybe a bumblebee too. As they get their drawing skills down, maybe they could then advance to some slightly more difficult animals like dogs, cats, elephants, rhinos, and other such animals. No, the animals probably won’t look like a picture, but children’s drawings are about having fun and being creative, not about looking like the real thing

4. Cars and Trucks

Kids, especially little boys, love cars and trucks, so why not try drawing them? Cars in theory are very simple to draw. A child just needs to get the basic shape of the frame down, plop in some windows, and slap on some tires. It probably won’t resemble a car you would prefer to drive in, but then again, that’s not the point. As your child’s drawing skills improve, they can then make the cars more complex and realistic. There is also the fact that drawing different cars and vehicles can be educational too. Start off with a simple car and work up to a dump truck. 

6. Boats

Just like cars, a rough boat is pretty easy to draw as well. The beauty with boats is that there are so many different kinds so the options are virtually limitless. Canoes, motorboats, speed boats, tugboats, cruise liners, battle ships, and more, are all things kids can draw. Most basic boats just need a few simple shapes to look somewhat realistic, or at least to resemble the real thing. At the same time, kids can also practice drawing water and an ocean setting. 

7. Airplanes 

This is another one which might be suited more for boys than girls, but it doesn’t have to be. Airplanes, at least very basic ones, such as a passenger jet, are very easy to draw. Once your kid gets a simple jet down, they could try their hand at a fighter jet or something else super cool like that. Drawing airplanes can be fun because kids can also draw clouds, birds, and other items that might be found in the sky.

8. Rainbows

The classic rainbow; this might just be the No.1 easiest thing which anybody can draw. After all, it’s nothing more than a big arch made of various colors. The shape is certainly about as easy to draw as it gets, and filling in the colors isn’t too difficult. Children seem to love drawing rainbows, probably because they are so colorful. Not only are they fun to draw, but it will also help teach your kids about different colors. 

9. Sun and Clouds

Something else even the most non-artistic kid should be able to draw is a sun and some clouds. After all, a sun is just a yellow blob with some lines coming off of it, and clouds are, well, clouds. It doesn’t get much more basic than that and there’s practically nothing that can be messed up here. Moreover, kids can also attempt drawing some of the other items we have discussed today in combination with a beautiful sun. 

10. Moon and Stars

The moon is another really simple thing which any kid can draw. It’s more or less the same as a sun, just a different color, but the same basic circle. Kids can then add some stars into the mix too, which for kids is as simple as making some dots on a page. Once your kid gets the basics down, they could then try making a more complex space landscape, complete with tons of colors, planets, and all. 

11. Mountains and Volcanoes 

Ok, so here we aren’t talking about a Van Gogh-level painting with a big mountain and a starry sky. Here, your kids could try drawing a simple triangle for a mountain, and maybe make the tip white to resemble snow, and maybe even some green blobs underneath which would be trees. Once your child gets the basic mountain shape down, they could try making a volcano with a flat top and some lava spewing out. 

12. Stick Figures

No, it really doesn’t get much easier than stick figures. Your kids can draw their families and friends using simple stick figure people. There’s really not much else to say here! 

13. Food

Kids love eating food and they love drawing it too. The good thing about drawing food is that it comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors, and there’s always something new to draw. What’s also convenient is that foods like fruits and veggies are usually quite simple to draw and not much detail is required. Something like 80% of fruits and veggies involve nothing more than a colored circle. 


At the end of the day, there are many simple things that your kids can draw with limited effort or skill. Keep in mind, drawing for kids is about having fun, being creative, and making something of their own, not about looking real or creating art fit for a gallery. Get some paper, some crayons, give your kid some ideas, and see where they go with it. Who knows, you might be surprised to find out that you have an artistic genius in your house.

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