This is my website, I really thank you that you are on my website.

Do you want to know my birthday wishes in 2019? Feel free to watch on...

Kid's Website Benefits Section

You can start having a website as young as me when I am 6 years old.

Allows My Creativity

I love to record down every single moments when I have a website for my creativity. Not just for photos! Embed YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, DailyMotion, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, VideoPress, and self-hosted videos in your gallery. Automatically create & sync photo galleries from my Adobe Lightroom collections.

Allows My Own Gallery

I can monetize amazing photos and pictures sharing that my parent captured for me! Instantly display and SELL your photos with our native eCommerce integration. Allow visitors to easily print photos and prevent visitors from downloading your images without permission.

Allows My Announcement

Awareness for my friends and fans via emails before it is too late about Cyber Bullying for example. The galleries that work on mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Allows to Keep in Touch

To share photos via email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and WhatsApp. Organize your galleries in Albums, choose cover photos and more.

Easily add watermarks to your images to improve protection. Enable slideshows for your galleries, controls autoplay settings and more.

Astrid Toh


Make your gallery SEO friendly and easily link to images with deeplinking and split your gallery in multiple pages to improve load time and user experience. I can be focus on one task which is to upload my latest photos and pictures into my own gallery every time and every moments. At anytime and anywhere! 

cat custome astridtoh.com


Add the coveted Pinterest Pin It button to your images for easy sharing. Easily import your images from Instagram and I can share my birthday online with anyone in the world! I do make friends with many kids all over the world. Just like my father said to meet world PenPal...

What Others Say


Easily import photos from my Dropbox account. Take advantage of native fullscreen gallery and lightbox display. Don't want to crop or resize images? No problem. You can display full image dimensions. Easily import photos from a .zip file into my Website gallery.

Anna Olson

 / Parents


Want to switch from NextGen Gallery? You can do that in a few easy clicks. Create independent galleries that are not tied to my posts or pages. Customize my gallery by adding custom CSS and styles. Display EXIF data including camera model, aperture, shutter speed, etc. 

Emma Stewart 

/ Blogger


Dynamically create galleries on the fly from various different sources. Adds zoom functionality to images in your gallery to allow up close browsing. Schedule gallery images, or entire galleries and albums for specific time intervals. Allow users to download images from your galleries.

Julie Moore

/ Website Owner

Very Important Section

My Growing Up Process...

Astrid Toh

Love my "BULAT" face?

Well,  i have a round face (BULAT) like my father. My mother always irritates me with the same word everyday.

Hope to hear more from you, just sign up and get the Free Guide. We will keep in touch through the emails.


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